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TV Brackets

Quantum Cabling TV bracket and stands support your TV/ Monitor, whether it’s a small or large flat screen.

Quantum Cabling carries a wide range of support options from slim, low-profile to adjustable TV stands that you can control. We stock Full Motion TV Brackets, Tilt TV Brackets, Fixed TV Brackets.

All the Full Motion TV Brackets are:

  • Free-tilting design for multiple monitor viewing angles
  • Swiveling arms offer maximum viewing flexibility
  • Built-in level adjustment ensures perfect positioning

The Tilt TV Brackets are capable of supporting weights of 50kgs/110lbs,the LCDT3255 is designed to fit any 32″-55″ curved & flat panel TVs.

Fixed TV Brackets  automatically click-in spring lock helps TV brackets snap into place for added safety

Explore to our exclusive products online and for any queries, Contact us at and our customer service team will get in touch with you instantaneously.